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I'm here because I've heard from professional foodies, itinerant bartenders, and other bibulous travelers that Tokyo was besting New York and London at the cocktail game. Mixologists from Sydney to San Juan were returning from pilgrimages and breathlessly describing their experiences as epiphanic. Bartenders were attending traveling seminars to learn Japanese technique. So, armed with a sheaf of recommendations and my friend Shinji as translator and guide, I hit the streets, subbasements, and skyscrapers of Tokyo to experience this cocktail revolution firsthand. Bon Appetit Magazine

"Luckily, my guide on this strange culinary safari was Shinji Nohara"
Conde Nast Traveler

"The next morning, I used jet lag to my advantage, meeting Shinji Nohara, one of Tokyo's top food guides, at 5 a.m. to explore one of the city's great culinary traditions - the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, known as the Tsukiji fish market." Northwest World Traveler

"I had guides: Shinji Nohara, a Tokyo food writer who led me on most of my expeditions..." GQ

"Culinary tour guide Shinji Nohara..." Elite Traveler Article (section 12)

"Later, off to Shinjuku to meet Shinji our former fixer from such shows as the Tokyo episodes...." Anthony Bourdain Blog

"Shinji is a food writer and former law student who specializes in guiding jet-lagged foreigners on exotic culinary pilgrimages around Tokyo. He is also something of a fugu promoter, having introduced Anthony Bourdain to the dish when the nomad chef came through town for his TV show."
New York Magazine Feature

Shinji was like, dude, I’ll take you to my favorite sushi bar in Tsukiji Market — at 5 am for breakfast! I was like, dude! I am there! Michael Baxter, blog

The great Shinji Nohara! Like the A-Team, if you can afford him, and if you can find him, Shinji will "fix" Tokyo for you like you wouldn't believe. Especially when it comes to finding amazing places to eat, drink and be merry. Stewart Butterfield, flickr

'Rudy Maxa's World' Wins 2nd Emmy w/ 'Tokyo'
The Tokyo episode of the first 13-show season of public television's travel series "Rudy Maxa's World" won a prestigious regional Emmy award. The crew was assisted during filming in Tokyo by local resident and guide Shinji Nohara, who has worked with journalists and television crews from around the world on assignment in Tokyo. Rudy Maxa Blog

Shinji Nohara embodies the spirit of AlwaysHungry. As GastroGuide to any American food dignitary who arrives in Tokyo, Shinji is the man to call when you arrive in Japan hungry.
-Jeff Zalaznick, founder of AlwaysHungryNY
Later, Toyko-based foodie/writer Shinji Nohara takes me to another restaurant that has captured the hearts and wallets of, again, mainly young women seeking all things healthy.
-Joanne Lee-Young, Vancouver Sun Blogs

Tokyo food guide Shinji Nohara jet-sets between many of the world’s culinary capitals. -NIcole Alper, American Airline Celebrated Living Magazine

One of his services is described as “location hunting”, which is a wonderful term (and familiar from my publishing period in Tokyo) and is a superset to “culinary navigation”, as it encompasses finding sites for various moments or experiences, such as photoshoots. Jon Metzler, Blog
Shinji Nohara is the Tokyo Fixer.

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